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court record

➔ Profiles

Phoenix Wright
Canon: Ace Attorney
Username: darkageofthelol
Age: 34
Me. I woke up in Vandare after being fished out of the water, with no memories of what happened prior to that. Apparently disappeared for several months, only to wake up in the hospital again. Currently growing feathers.
Klavier Gavin
Canon: Ace Attorney
Username: achtungbaby
Age: 24
An acquaintance from back home. He washed up the same time I did, although I haven't seen him in a while. Seems to be a year behind me.
Miles Edgeworth
Canon: Ace Attorney
Username: samuraiprosecutor
Age: 25
My friend since grade school. Arrived in Vandare two months before I did. He's a lot younger than the Edgeworth I'm used to and also a vampire.
Ema Skye
Canon: Ace Attorney
Username: skyentologist
Age: 26
A friend and colleague from back home. Arrived in Vandare around the same time I woke up for the second time. An odd, fishy smell seems to follow her around...
Apollo Justice
Canon: Ace Attorney
Username: imfine1111one
Age: 24
My employee from back home. He seems to have lost a couple inches recently...
Canon: Persona
Username: pishirogane
Age: ???
Kieren Walker
Canon: In the Flesh
Username: facings
Age: 18
Canon: Digital Devil Saga
Username: comraderie
Age: ???
Mari Maya
Canon: Samurai Flamenco
Username: violentmuse
Age: 18
Natsuhi Ushiromiya
Canon: Umineki no Naku Koro
Username: refusedtoleave
Age: 47
Gideon Gleeful
Canon: Gravity Falls
Username: futurelyinclined
Age: 10
Fuu Kasumi
Canon: Samurai Champloo
Username: fuukinchou
Age: 15
Court Record
code by [community profile] cawaii

➔ Evidence

Attorney's Badge
Type: Other
One of my possessions.
It's my all-important badge. Proof of my profession. It somehow stayed pinned to my lapel during whatever ordeal brought me to Vandare. Unfortunately, it's not much use here.
Type: Other
One of my possessions.
A locket with a picture of my daughter, Trucy. Stays in my left breast pocket so she's always close to my heart. Thankfully it survived whatever ordeal landed me in the waters of Vandare.
Type: Evidence
Found in a satchel under my pillow.
Mysterious copper coins stamped with a bird symbol. Can apparently be used in exchange for items or information, though I haven't tried it.
Type: Other
One of my possessions.
A laptop given to me after being discharged from the hospital. Can be used to access the RSDOS network. I'm no computer expert, but it looks pretty ancient.
Type: Evidence
Found in a satchel under my pillow.
A small scroll that reads 'AGIMAT'. Saying the word aloud summons a half-man, half horse creature to your location. I don't think I'll be using it any time soon.
Type: Evidence
Given upon arrival.
An array of fliers explaining different monster types, passed out during my second arrival. Among them is a flier for a singer named Mari Maya. Looks like she took the harpy flier in exchange...
Court Record
code by [community profile] cawaii

➔ Notes

(Under construction!)
Local year: 154 155
July, 154 - First group arrived
October 4, 154 - I first arrived in Vandare
October 18, 154 - Everyone invited to Dr. Zaroff Rainsford's mansion. Did not attend, but later heard that monsters were hunted for sport. Dr. Rainsford was killed.
October 27, 154 - Doors appeared out of nowhere, with words reading "RESIST HIM". Thick bone spears cropped up from the ground. Victims were tied to them.
October 27, 154 - Entering the door lead to an underground arcade. Other victims are chained to spears. People are encouraged to spill blood.
✓ November 2, 154 - Headaches begin.
✓ November 3, 154 - April 4, 155 - ???

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